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Our Way of Getting

To Know Each Other

It takes considerable thought and energy to determine the how, when, and to whom of passing on the stewardship of your business. My aim is to take as much uncertainty out of the process as possible so that you can focus on the most essential matter – finding the right partner to steward your company into the future. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from me:

  • I pledge to always act according to Dawn Treader Capital's values.

  • I pledge to keep all of your information strictly confidential.

  • I pledge to respond thoughtfully to you within 72 hours.

  • I pledge not to waste your time.

  • I pledge never to contact your employees, vendors, or customers without your written permission.

The "Dating" Process
Let's Talk

Give me a call at (404) 913-9357, send me an email at, or use the link below to schedule a time for us to connect. We will talk confidentially and candidly about your business as well as your plans for the future. This may involve one phone call or many as you strive to discover if Dawn Treader Capital could be the right fit for you.

Let's Meet

If we both are still interested in discussing further, I will come meet with you in-person. Prior to our meeting I will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement so that you can openly share about your business and aspirations for a sale. As we continue to build trust, our conversations will turn more pragmatic as we discuss an estimated value for your business and other practical matters required to see if there is potential to move forward.

Let's Review

After these discovery conversations, if both parties are still interested, we will sign a Letter of Interest (LOI) affirming our mutual interest in a transaction and laying out key terms (in principle rather than in minute details). This will kick off a due diligence process designed to review the key facets of your business, affirm the accuracy of information, and allow both parties to move forward with greater confidence.

Let's Agree

With all of our cards now clearly visible on the table, we will work together to finalize the specific details laid out in principle in the LOI. Even as I pledge to act according to Dawn Treader Capital's values and to continue building trust, a good lawyer with experience selling businesses will be an essential member of your team ensuring that we can come to an agreement that you can feel good about moving forward with.   

Let's Close

The paperwork will be finalized and signed marking an end to the 'official' process, but not to our relationship. We will work together to ensure a smooth and successful leadership transition in the company. The timing and nature of that transition can be determined according to your specific plans and needs.

Time for Me to Get to Work!

I'm excited that you've trusted me to carry on the stewardship of your company, customers, and employees. We would have only made it to this point if I was truly impressed and excited by the foundation that you built over years of hard work. Now is the time for me to get my hands dirty daily serving the company's employees and customers and building for the future.

If you look at this process and think "Wow - that's a lot! I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this," then I have good news for you... By reaching out and setting up a time to connect, you are committing to only that - an introductory conversation and nothing more. I would love to learn more about you and your business, so please do reach out.

Interested in learning more about  Dawn Treader Capital to see if we might be the right fit to steward your business?
I would love to speak with you. All discussions will be kept strictly confidential.
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