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My Map to finding the right company

Does your business seem like it might be the right fit? If so, I'd love to chat to see if Dawn Treader Capital might be the right fit to steward your business. All discussions will be kept strictly confidential.

Dawn Treader Capital is looking for a US-based, privately-held company with annual pre-tax net earnings between $1.5M and $5M, and with two or more of the following characteristics: 

1) History of profitability with healthy margins

2) Predictable recurring revenue from diverse customer base

3) Low on-going capital requirements

4) Healthy layer of non-owner management

5) Closely held ownership looking to retire

6) Established niche expertise

Investment Criteria

Dawn Treader Capital is open to a wide range of industries and business models that fit the above description: 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Business-to-Business (B2B) Services, Light Manufacturing, and more.

Here is a sample of a few industries that Dawn Treader Capital is interested in.

Sample Industries

Robotic Systems Integration

Analyze, design, and 

assemble robotic solutions to solve specific 

customer needs.

Air and Water

Quality Testing

Perform regulatory

compliance testing for

commercial, industrial, and governmental properties.

Laboratory Info Management Systems

Provide software solutions for medical and industrial


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