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Buying One Business to Operate for Years to Come

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Metro Atlanta

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$400k-$1.5M Earnings

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Recurring Services or Manufacturing

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Daniel Giles

Why Work with Dawn Treader Capital?






Quit full-time job to focus on completing a successful business transition 

Pre-approved by multiple SBA lenders with support from a team of minority partners

Committed to preserving company culture while retaining and investing in employees

Strong change management and P&L experience in a small, family-owned business

Deeply rooted locally, seeking to strengthen ties through years of business ownership

I launched Dawn Treader Capital out of a lifelong desire to lead a company and shape its culture. I love the potential that a profitable business has to make a positive impact on its people and community, and I am energized by the hard work required to make that happen.

If you or someone you know is considering selling their business, I'd love to speak with you! Please give me a call at (503)703-7426 or send an email to

Ideal Characteristics
  • Within 50 miles of Atlanta

  • $400k - $1.5M in earnings

  • 15%+ Operating Margins

  • 3 years of profitability




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Recurring Services


Restaurant-Related Services

Hood vent cleaning, grease trap cleaning, UCO management, equipment maintenance, pest control


Light Manufacturing

Design and fabricate products like specialty cabinetry or commercial channel signs


Commercial window washing

Maintain and enhance the appearance of windows in buildings of all sizes

About Me


I am a problem solver to my core - I like to lead as a utility player, working on all aspects of a business, wearing multiple hats, and rolling up my sleeves to address problems wherever they arise. I started out working for big companies, but in every step of my career, I've sought smaller and smaller businesses where I would be able to have greater ownership over the work and a bigger impact on the people involved.


Most recently, I served as the Interim Director of E-Commerce for Unclaimed Baggage, a small family business and the nation's only retailer of lost luggage. I am not specifically an E-Commerce expert, but during that time, I led the division to 80% YoY top-line growth with a 30% improvement in operating margin through implementing systems and processes that drove efficiencies and improving the online customer experience. I was also responsible for driving overall corporate strategy, guiding strategic decisions about the future of the business. It was a great team and a really fascinating niche industry.


Previously, I worked in Business-to-Business (B2B) sales at Delta Air Lines focused on growing sales through analytical rigor in negotiations and equipping field sales to address client needs. I also led a variety of cross-divisional teams on projects ranging from software development and new product introduction to process improvement and change management.

I have an MBA from the Yale School of Management focused on leading small businesses, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration from UNC - Chapel Hill where I was also captain of the varsity fencing team. I live with my wife Nadine in Marietta, GA and in my spare time, I enjoy basketball, game nights, church, small group dinners, and bad puns.

What's with the name?

In one of my favorite books by C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the main characters set off on a long voyage in uncharted territory. While some days are filled with thrilling adventures, the majority are spent hard at work on the day-to-day, unglamorous tasks of sailing on their ship.


I felt that this pattern mirrored a lot of the experiences of a business owner and wanted to name my fund accordingly. It's also just a really great book!

My Leadership Core Values


A leader, first and foremost, leads by example and therefore must strive towards honesty, fairness, and consistency before calling others to do the same.


The primary role of a leader is to serve - to empower and equip their teams and then get out of the way.

A leader doesn't need to have all the answers but must have the humility to ask good questions and to rely on the insights of their teams.


A great leader takes the diverse backgrounds and abilities in themselves and their teams and helps maximize their collective potential, not forcing them into a cookie-cutter.


A leader holds themselves to a higher standard, giving their best effort in every endeavor.

Leaders encourage and enable their team members to strive for excellence, both inside and outside the workplace.


Thank you for reading this far and learning more about Dawn Treader Capital! If you own a business, I would love the opportunity to chat with you and learn how you are thinking about the future of your company, your people, and your legacy. If I am not the right fit for you, I will gladly offer what perspective I can and seek to connect you with others who might offer additional help.

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